Fatima Ibrahim

Q: Is Instagram a creative outlet or hobby for you as you don’t post much about your career on it?

A: Yes, Instagram is a creative outlet for me to share some of the things that I like and enjoy doing. I post about my career as an Optometrist on my instagram, but certainly not often. During and shortly after graduate school, I wrote for my school’s blog about life as an optometry student and later as an Optometrist practicing in the field. With my personal instagram, I focus more on sharing posts about fashion, food, and lifestyle and I love having it as a creative outlet. I’ll share the outfits I wear for work and business trips. I’ll post about conferences and dinners with colleagues. At times, I’ll share some sweet new eyeglasses we’re selling or how useful bandage contact lenses are after an injury in a post to my Instagram Story. But, I don’t post about specific patient cases.

Q: I glimpsed your apartment in a behind-the-scenes video for a project you’re working on, which is so meticulous and cute. Are you naturally very organized?

A: I naturally am a detail-oriented person. I’m particular about my space and have been since I was young. My bedroom - be it at home, in the dorm or now in my apartment -  has always been well organized. I remember before Instagram was a thing, everything in my college dorm was well laid out and arranged. When my friends would visit my college apartment, I would entertain with cute take-home gifts and Instagrammable food spreads. I’ve long been drawn to aesthetically pleasing set-ups.

Q: Do you have any tips for styling flatlays or simply using light for good photography?

A: It’s important to use good natural lighting. If natural lighting is not available, use “daylight” light bulbs. Other lighting may add a yellow tint and/or cast shadows that are less appealing. With flatlays, I like to use neutral backgrounds like a white table, a nice white or pink throw, or marble. When you flatlay, you should have an idea of what you want to create, start with your focal piece or product and go from there, and try to prevent crowding with too many pieces. Every flatlay is different. With some, you may want each included pieces to be lined up with straight edges and with another, every pieces may be off at an angle. Maintaining a color scheme is helpful to create a cohesive flatlay and often looks aesthetically appealing.

Q: What’s the difference between taking pictures at a restaurant or event versus at home?

A: At home, there is control over the setting and lighting, while at an event or restaurant there is less control. I don’t post photos to my feed each time I attend an event or go out to eat. I prefer to post photos that look good to me and are cohesive with my feed. A dish may look appetizing, but for instance if a photo of it is taken at nighttime that looks less appealing, I’ll save the memory for myself or share it on my Instagram Story. If you’re going out to eat and you really want a nice picture to post to your feed, you can perhaps choose a well-lit table and seat near a window or outside, rather than deep into the restaurant where it’s darker.

Q: Where do you see your Instagram going next? What do you want to do in the future?

A: I’m enjoying Instagramming and blogging, meeting new people who’ve become great friends, collaborating with different brands and business, and having this outlet to share the things I enjoy and love in a creative way. I want to continue growing as a content creator and influencer while enjoying what I’m doing with Instagram. Maybe one day, I’ll start my own business but I don’t know what the future holds just yet.