Period Chronicles


After a three month stint, I finally make the trek back home to see my family. I was super excited about going, but knew that like always, there would be shenanigans. I'm never stoked about the travel aspect of visiting, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I woke up temperamental and crampy, which let me know that my time of the month was on it's way. Before I headed out, I made sure to grab some pads and Motrin in an attempt to push through with my day. When I got there, I was met with tight hugs, kisses on the cheek and unwanted solicited questions and comments. This was nothing new, as my family has no boundaries. After some chit chat, it's time to pray salaat. As everyone makes wudu and prepares for prayer, I am still sitting in the kitchen, scrolling through Instagram trying to look fake busy. I can see my mom looking at me out the side of my eye, wondering why I haven't moved, but I continue to scroll, ignoring her. I overhear my mom in the other room say to my dad "I guess she's more concerned about Instagram than making salaat on time. I can't help but address the issue, so sacrificing my own dignity, I yell through the doorway "ACTUALLY, I'M ON MY PERIOD MOM". The whole room gets quiet (rare for them), and everyone stares into the kitchen at me. I love my family. 


I Couldn't Wish For A More Understanding Family <3